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My Outdoors Outfitter was conceived and designed to be the premier web address to assist interested hunters and fishermen in researching, locating and ultimately booking an outdoors adventure.  After conducting our own research into how interested men and women locate hunting or fishing guides we learned that the number one source for information on guides and outfitters was the internet.  Other than actually attending a local sports show where there were guide and outfitters in attendance, the internet remains the best source for detailed information.  However, the number one complaint regarding these web based searches was that there really was not one single website that offered the opportunity to do a detailed research on every available species in all 50 states and Canada.  The same was true for locating fishing guides and captains for both fresh and saltwater.     

When we talked with successful outfitters, hunting and fishing guides and boat captains they all indicated that a major issue for them was in having the chance to talk directly with prospective clients.  This explains their attendance at regional or local sports shows.

Freshwater Fishing & Saltwater Fishing Outfitters

My Outdoors Outfitter maintains a database of known and respected hunting and fishing guides in all 50 states and Canada. We have arranged these guides in easy to follow segments for hunting, fresh and saltwater fishing and controlled hunts.  You also have the chance to further define your search for specific hunting or fishing methods.  As you refine your research and indicate those guides and outfitters that you are interested in, one simple form allows you to request that they personally contact you so that you can speak directly with them and ultimately make your decision.