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Hunting & Fishing Travel Insurance

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In today’s fast paced environment we always recommend the purchase of travel insurance whenever you book any hunting or fishing trip.

Once you have located and booked your outdoor adventure the purchase of at least a basic travel insurance policy should considered.  A basic policy should, at a minimum, cover  unforeseeable trip related expenses such as a financial default by your airline, the granting of a waiver for a pre-existing medical condition that may cause you to have to cancel or delay your trip.  Other basic things that the policy should cover would be license fee refunds, equipment loss or delay and coverage for governmental action that forces the closure of a game preserve or other hunting or fishing bans.

There are several other additions to a basic policy that you may consider. They include:

  • Cancel for any reason coverage
  • Cancel for a work related reason
  • Car rental collision coverage
  • Additional personal effects coverage
  • Customized umbrella coverage based upon special needs