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Business Name:Fishtail Ranch
Contact Name:Lee Weiss
Location: New Mexico

Offering: Fishtail Ranch hunts take place on private ranch land in Unit 4 Northern New Mexico, this means guaranteed licenses (NO DRAW REQUIRED) in a quality unit with one of the highest success rates in the state. Private land allows us to control both the number of hunters and the number of elk harvested, helping to maintain a quality elk herd. All hunts are conducted in a spot and stalk manner. You will be driven to the various hunting areas in 4 x 4 pickups and then continue on foot, accompanied by one of our experienced guides. All Guides live in the Chama area where they are able to observe the elk year round. This gives Fishtail Ranch Hunters the opportunity to benefit from each guides unique understanding of the elk movement and habits in the area.

Accommodations:Fishtail Ranch Headquarters located on the bank of the Rio Brazos will be your home away from home during your hunt. You will enjoy home cooked meals, spacious bedrooms with private baths, and a large living area to congregate and share stories of the hunt. Relax on the deck while taking in spectacular views of the property we are hunting, or just close your eyes are listen to gentle flow of the river below. These fine accommodations will allow you to remain rested and relaxed throughout your hunt.

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